Half Marathon Training {August 3-August 9}

I know that I promised a post all about Danny and Sara’s wedding but it was just SO fun and I took SO many pictures, soooooooo (that’s a lot of “so’s”) it’s going to take me a lot longer to put that one together than I thought. But I will share my running recap from last week because it’s super short and pathetic and will take no time at all. Womp womp.

August 4: I visited my local running store  over the weekend to get my shoes checked out and they said they thought my shoes were great and my strides looked fine (from what they could tell), so they figured my shin splints were just due to me taking my muscles a bit too far than what they could handle. They suggested (like many of you did), ice and rest. And compression sleeves. I thought I might as well try them. My last run where my shin splints killed was just six days prior to this, but I thought that was plenty of rest. WRONG. The first half mile felt so great. I thought I’d easily be able to get two miles in. And then as soon as I thought that, I could feel my right shin pain and knew that I had to stop or I’d just make it worse. So Gracie and I hung our heads low and walked back to my house instead of finishing the run. Again, womp womp.



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