Half Marathon Training {December 21-27}

December 22: This run was done on Kevin’s mom’s treadmill and I couldn’t go more than 4.5mph because the machine was shaking and I was terrified I was going to break it. Ha! I swear, I wasn’t going that slow on purpose. I mean, I know I’m slow but I’m not that slow. Also, the treadmill she has isn’t very wide, so I twisted my ankle like three times hitting the side. I decided I should probably stop after two miles before I broke a leg. Also, no motivation was there.


December 24: Holy six miles! I missed my long run on Dec. 20 because we were in Chicago visiting friends and I didn’t have time. Poor planning on my part. But after I got off work on Christmas Eve, I headed straight to the gym to get the long run in. When it was over, I couldn’t believe I had just gone six miles without stopping! For some reason, the first three miles of these long runs are the toughest, but once I’m going, it’s not that challenging.

The only bad thing about this run is that my groin/hips have been hurting ever since. It’s really painful and hurts the most to walk, but I’m hoping that it’s just temporary soreness. Anybody else have this issue?


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