Half Marathon Training {February 1-7}

February 4: After 12 miles, it took a lot of motivation to do these two. My legs were really sore and felt incredibly heavy during this run.


February 5: Another rough run. I’m not sure why my legs were feeling so heavy, but this was a tough one.


February 7: I decided after doing two treadmill runs earlier in the week, that I hate the treadmill and I love running outside, even if it was 35 degrees, because it makes the runs go by so fast! Like last week, I took Gracie with me on the first three miles. Once she was getting tired, I quickly dropped her off (literally stopped for like two seconds) and ventured out for the other five. I was feeling great, until I hit a wall at mile seven. The last mile was. the. worst., but I pushed through and finished!


Since I ran this outside (finally not on the treadmill), I was able to see my splits.


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