Half Marathon Training {January 11-January 17}

January 14: My plan of upping my weekly short runs went well for the most part. After the first mile though, I started to have some pretty intense pain in my feet and knees again so I started to wonder if it was time for new shoes since I hadn’t had joint issues before and didn’t do anything out of the ordinary.


January 15: A co-worker told me about KT tape and after some Googling, I decided to purchase a roll because I figured that was cheaper than a new pair of shoes. It helped a little bit, but I still experienced a good amount of joint pain that I wasn’t used to.


January 17: Even though I had some issues on my two runs this past week, I finished them no problem so I was mentally prepared for this long run. The weather was nice so Kev and I headed downtown to run outside but OMG this was the worst run yet. I was supposed to go nine miles and I didn’t even make it five. It was SO windy, I didn’t dress for the weather and my feet/knees were killing me. I am just glad I went as far as I did because after the first mile, I wanted to call it a day.

I suppose bad runs have to happen ever now and then?


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