Half Marathon Training {January 18-January 24}

January 23: I took a long five days off of running mostly because I wanted to give myself a good amount of time to rest my knees and ankles, but also because it was a crazy busy week at work and I honestly didn’t have too much time to run. This was the first run I had in my new shoes (Brooks Ravenna 6 vs. my old Brooks Adrenaline in case you’re curious) and they felt great! The guy at the shoe store also recommended I get a size 8 instead of 7.5 and my toenails are thanking me for that. Despite having new shoes, this run was tough. Never taking five days off again.


January 24: I should preface this by saying I am not happy at all with my time. And for someone who isn’t worried about time at all during training, that’s saying a lot. The first five miles was tough…I couldn’t get my breathing under control and my legs felt stiff but once I hit five miles, I took a break to walk, chug some gatorade and fuel. I never believed the hype of fueling but IT WORKED. I walked for a little more than a quarter of a mile, stretched for a minute and the next three miles flew by. When I hit mile eight, I stopped again to eat the rest of my chew and finish my gatorade, making mile nine pretty easy. Mile ten was rough, mostly because my legs were really feeling it at this point. My breathing and energy was fine, but my legs felt really heavy so I had to slow down a bit.

This was the first run I actually stopped to walk for an extended amount of time (vs. just stopping to tie my shoe or something like that), and I’m really surprised how much it slowed my time down. Like really surprised. I was shocked! I guess I’m a really slow walker – ha ha.

I’m trying not to let the time bother me because I still can’t believe I ran (for the most part) ten whole miles. WHO AM I?!

UPDATE: Wow. I am so bad at math. You see, the emergency stop button on the treadmill is right where my hands are when I jog, and I accidentally hit it twice so I had to quickly take a picture of my time while I restarted my treadmill asap. When I added up my time, I added a whole ten minutes extra. Oops! This makes me feel much, MUCH, better. 


Immediately after that run, I headed to the gym’s hydrotherapy massage bed which felt AHmazing. I put it on the slowest and hardest setting. Hurt so good.


And when I got home, I took my very first ice bath. I read about ice baths a few weeks ago but never felt the need to take one until now. I really didn’t want to be sore for days to come so I sucked it up and sat in a pretty cold bath for about seven minutes. I actually think it helped a lot because I’m not as sore today as I would have thought!


Sometimes I get frustrated during training, but I really can’t believe how far I’ve come since THIS post. #woah

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