Half Marathon Training {January 25-31}

First of all…THREE WEEKS UNTIL DISNEY WORLD! After this week of running, I am feeling so ready and pumped to do this.


January 28: Kev was coming down with a cold but he wanted to get a run in anyways so we were going to do just a few miles each. He finished five so I just stopped where I was, but I felt great during these miles!


January 30: I was going to do five, but I knew I had a long 12 miles scheduled for the next day so I just did three. Oh and hey that was my best time for a 2-4 mile run, according to my app!


January 31: The dreaded 12! Kidding, sortof. My aunt, who is running this race with us, text me just as I was heading out to do my 12 saying she just finished. I was so proud of her for making all 12 and it gave me the motivation I needed to stay positive during this run.

Gracie went with me on the first 3 and once those 3 were done, I looped by our house to quickly let her in, fuel with a quarter of a chew and chug some Gatorade (my savior during long runs – I can totally tell a difference).

Feeling nice and energized, I set off to do the rest by myself. Just as I was hitting mile 7 and feeling really good, I got an alert on my phone that said I only had 10% battery left. THE WORST! I didn’t want to lose what I had done, so I headed towards home and ended up finishing 8 outside. I quickly grabbed my keys, chew, Gatorade and left for the gym while I kept my phone at home to charge. I finished the last four miles on the treadmill.

I was so mad that my phone died because I would have been just fine doing all 12 outside, but I knew if I stopped to let my phone charge and wait, I would have never gotten my butt back outside to do the rest. Plus, I wanted to do all 12 consecutively. Regardless, it was a great run and now that I have these 12 done, I am feeling so ready!


^My first eight outside.


^Had to enter this manually, but here’s my 12.

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2 thoughts on “Half Marathon Training {January 25-31}

  1. I am seriously so impressed by your commitment! I just recently started a 10K plan, but I’ve never done any kind of running like this in my life. Plus I’m super jealous that you’re doing run Disney.

    I’m sure you’ve included it somewhere, but what app do you use to track your running? I feel like I’d be more likely to keep at it if I can easily see my progress!

    • Hi Tyler! Oh my gosh I am SO sorry I am just now responding to this. I don’t know how I missed your comment earlier! Anyways, good for you signing up for your first 10K! I really had no running experience but I figured it out as I went, and I’m so glad that I did. I use Run Keeper and I love it, but my husband sweats by Map My Run. I also have friends who like the Nike running app. I think it’s just a matter of preference. Good luck!! 🙂

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