Half Marathon Training {January 4-January 10}

January 5: I remember thinking during this entire run that I was flying. I was convinced I was running at least below an 11 min/mile pace, but alas, I’m still slow. Regardless of my speed (because that’s not a concern or goal of mine), my legs and lungs felt great!


January 8: I honestly don’t remember much about this run. Ha! I suppose it was fine?


January 10: Well. I suppose I could start by saying that this was my toughest run yet. It hurt. It was hard. I wanted to quit. I had no desire to finish. But instead, I’ll start by saying I RAN EIGHT MILES. And it was no walk in the park, that’s for sure. But I did it! My knees and ankles started to hurt around mile four. This was a really weird feeling because I had never had any problems with my knees or ankles before, so I slowed down quite a bit to make sure I wouldn’t be in too much pain. I remember looking at the treadmill at mile 7.25 and thought that I was almost done, but the last .75 miles of that run was the longest .75 miles of my liiiiiiife.

I think that I need to start upping my weekly runs from 2-3 miles to 4-5 or even 6 miles so my legs can just get a few more miles in each week so they’re not in such shock come Saturdays.


Getting closer!

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2 thoughts on “Half Marathon Training {January 4-January 10}

  1. If you’re running 3x/week with the 3rd run being your long run, I’d suggest upping the second run a couple miles (maybe 4 or 5) and sticking to 2-3 miles on the first run of the week. You got this! Let me know if you need any other training advice/tips from a former non-runner, now “runner” 🙂

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