Half Marathon Training {July 20-26}

This past week of running was the worst. It’s such a bummer because last week, I was feeling great on all of my runs and I even got a nice, “easy” 3-mile run in. What happened?!

July 22: I cannot believe how bad this run was. I had a lunch meeting at Sidebar, a local burger place, this day and chowed on an amazing beer cheese burger, fried zucchini fries AND had two diet cokes. Those three things, while delicious at the time, made this run terrible. Kev came with me, thank goodness, because I had no desire to run in the first place so I’m glad I just got a mile in – even if it was terribly slow and miserable.


July 23: I thought my bad run for the week was past, but WOW this run was the worst. It was so hot this day and I just wasn’t feeling it. It was just all around bad.


  • Mile 1 – 12:08
  • Mile 2 – 12:49


July 26: The weather was amazing during this run, which I really think helped a lot. It’s amazing how much weather can impact a run. It’s safe to say I’m dreading training for this thing in the dead of winter. But anyways, this run was much better. Still not great, but better.


  • Mile 1 – 12:02
  • Mile 2 – 11:48


I guess I’ll just consider this week a rough one, and I’m hoping the next few runs are much better.

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