Half Marathon Training {July 27-August 2}

July 29: Well, it’s safe to say that shin splints are officially the worst. I’ve always heard of people complaining about them, but never had to deal with it myself. I became one of the chosen ones on Tuesday night during this run. It started out great but about .25 miles in, I decided to go ahead and stop to stretch, similar to what I did during my run on July 27. I was really expecting that to help my tight calves, but at the one mile mark, I had to stop again to stretch. Thinking I was just really tight, I went for mile two because I felt great otherwise. Then, .25 miles away from being done with two miles, my right shin started to burn like fire. It didn’t feel good at all, but I knew I was so close to being done that I wanted to keep going. Little did I know that it was the beginning of shin splints and wouldn’t go away. The last fourth of the mile was my slowest part of running ever, but I just wanted to finish without stopping. Looking back, that was totally stupid and I should have just stopped when the pain started because I very well could have made it worse.


  • Mile 1 – 11:48
  • Mile 2 – 13:01


Since that run, I’ve done a lot of research on shin splints. I visited my local running store and had my running shoes checked (they’re great!) but they talked me into trying compression sleeves. So I’m trying that along with a combination of rest, ice and stretching to help them. This is SO frustrating because I finally ENJOY running and now I feel stuck on the sideline.

Anyone have advice on getting rid of shin splints? I’m considering signing up for a water aerobics class because the hardest part about running is getting in shape and I DO NOT want to lose the endurance I’ve built. Advice is welcome!

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2 thoughts on “Half Marathon Training {July 27-August 2}

  1. Water workouts will really help. I even did underwater “running” and walking to help build leg strength. 🙂 you’ll get through it. I think learning to manage injuries and figure out or bodies is just part of running!

    • Water running sounds like a great idea! Now I have a stupid sinus infection. Hopefully next week’s runs are great!

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