Half Marathon Training {July 6-12}

Wowza, thanks for the support on running a half marathon, guys! To be completely honest, I still think I’m crazy. How many times have I actually said “I am NOT a runner” here on this blog? Too many to count. But I’m excited! It’s this weird feeling of being scared that I can’t do it and being so excited TO do it. I can’t explain so just nod and follow along.

So training officially doesn’t start until 12 weeks out, but I’m “training” now to be able to run 2-4ish miles at a pretty comfortable pace, without wanting to die. (You’ll notice that at the end of many sentences about running, I’ll finish with “without wanting to die.” I hope you get used to it.)

Since I was actually training for the Color Run, which was in June, before these runs, I decided to start training here. Just go with it, pretty please?

July 7 – This run was after a two week hiatus and it didn’t feel too good.But my goal from the start was to run two full miles, without stopping, no matter how slow I went. So I did. #notashamed. (Another thing you’ll notice: I won’t lie or fudge times. I’m a slow ass runner, and I know it. So there. Not ashamed.)

photo 1

July 8 – Kev went with me on this one, and I really didn’t want to run at all but he convinced me to do just a mile. I felt like I was going at record speed, but it was actually a pretty slow one-mile jog. I think I can do one mile a lot better than this.

photo 2

July 12 – By July 12, we had committed to signing up for the Princess Half Marathon so I changed from the Couch to 5K app to RunKeeper, which is amazing. I love it! Anyways, this run felt great. I did much better than my run on 7/7 and felt refreshed after. I wonder if I could have kept going?


I only got three runs in this week. Wish I could have gotten in one more, but I’ll take it! Will be back soon with the current week’s runs.

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    • I’m so happy to find another blogger who is doing it!! I can’t wait to follow along with your training!

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