Half Marathon Training {November 2-November 8}

November 4: Training on the treadmill begins.


November 7: Every Friday at 4 p.m., my office has a happy hour (rough place to work, I know) and even though I told myself all day that I wouldn’t participate, the wine was staring at me and I couldn’t resist. This led to a couple of cramps while running, but I survived.


November 8: I promise I’m not hungover all the time, but I was on Saturday morning just a bit and struggled with motivating myself to go for a run. Kevin pretty much dragged me out the door and I’m so glad he did because once I started running, I felt great. This was my furthest distance, and fastest pace since my shin splits. Hooray!


I plan on knocking out a 5K this weekend for my “long” run and then starting to build on that. Four miles, then five miles, then six miles…EEK! I still can’t believe I’m doing this.

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