Half Marathon Training {November 30-December 6}

November 30: This week was the start of my formal training plan, which meant four runs instead of three, complete with a long run. Even though I wasn’t feeling great this day and my strep throat was lingering, I really wanted to get a run in since we had such great weather. Gracie and I headed out and I practically had to drag her to finish (she’s out of shape since we joined the gym), but we finished strong!


December 2: I took Monday and Tuesday off work to get the house back in order and get some more rest for a quicker recovery. By Tuesday, I was feeling muuuuch better so we headed to the gym to get another run in. For some reason, I wasn’t feeling very motivated so it took a lot of mental strength to finish. I just wasn’t feeling it.


December 5: My training plan has me doing 2-3 mile runs three times per week, with a long run on Saturday. I got the three mile runs out of the way earlier in the week, so I was really looking forward to just going two miles. But for some reason, my legs were killing me. My lungs felt great, but I struggled on this run.


December 6: How come I struggled to run two miles the day before, but this four-mile run felt GREAT? Yes, you heard it. Four miles! This was my first long run and the whole thing felt amazing. If my legs started to hurt, I slowed down a bit but didn’t stop at all and finished the last .5 mile really strong, at a 9 min/mile pace.


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