Half Marathon Training {October 19-October 25}

October 23: Felt great! No complaints here.

  • Walk pace (0.78 miles) – 16:42
  • Run pace (1.71 miles) – 11:39


October 25: Ugh. Note to self: don’t attempt to run 22 minutes without walking breaks while hungover. This wasn’t fun. It wasn’t pretty. But I kept running until my app told me to walk and I’m so glad it was over.

  • Walk pace (0.78 miles) – 16:42
  • Run pace (1.74 miles) – 12:37


October 25: After milking my hangover with Friday Night Light reruns on the couch (#timriggins), Kevin convinced me to go for another run once he got home from work and I’m so glad I did. I ran at a much faster pace than earlier in the morning, and we went further…all without wanting to collapse! I think I can safely say my shin splints are gone. (I’m knocking on wood, don’t worry.) Looking forward to upping my runs to three miles by the end of next week!

image1 (1)

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