Half Marathon Training {October 5-October 11}

October 6: Once again, keeping up with the Couch to 5K app was a good decision because I’ve had a pain-free week of running.

  • Walk pace (0.92 miles) – 14:07
  • Run pace (1.38 miles) – 11:34


October 8: Another day of C25K. Felt great.

  • Walk pace (1.06 miles) – 15:09
  • Run pace (1.34 miles) – 11:13


October 12: Even though this run technically belongs in the week after this one, I’m considering it part of the previous week’s runs (follow all of that?). I really wanted to get three runs in this week, but it just didn’t happen so I’m making up for it by running four times next week and considering this Sunday’s run part of last week’s. Whew. That was a lot of explainin’.

  • Walk pace (0.90 miles) – 16:38
  • Run pace (1.29 miles) – 12:21


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