Half Marathon Training {September 14-September 20}

September 14: My legs felt okay for the most part this week, but after this great run where I walked for five minutes and ran for .75 straight with no shin splint problems, I fell TWICE on Monday. Like, old people fall. I tripped and fell in my high heels before work on Monday and then again going up the stairs at work later that day. My left ankle was twisted and well, it took me five days to run again. Womp. #clumsiestblondeever


September 20: Well five days later, my ankle was heeling from my old people falls from earlier in the week so Kev and I ran at the hotel while we were in Des Moines before we went to Lindsey’s wedding (more on that later.) I felt GREAT! I really wanted to keep running after 1.25 miles, but I didn’t want to push it.


Let’s all hope and pray that I can make it through this week without tripping and falling because my goal this week is to run two miles on each of my runs.

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