Halloween & Another AM Show

(I like to reminisce about my weekends on Wednesdsays, dontchaknow?)

It was our second Halloween as homeowners so we stayed home to hand out candy. We stuck with the Disney theme this year and carved our Olaf pumpkin because we expected a lot of Frozen-themed kiddos at our door. And also because Frozen is one of my favorite Disney movies ever.


We take our pumpkin carving very seriously in our house. Kevin cuts off the top, I clean out the guts, Kevin pokes the holes of the stencil and we take turns carving it. It works.



We got SNOW (yes, snow) on Halloween, so we decided to warm ourselves up with some bourbon in cider and a fire.


Nice and cozy.


Since we hardly got any kids at our house last year, we each picked out a candy to hand out in case we were stuck eating it all by ourselves (that would have been real rough). We had about 40 kids, so we didn’t have much left!


After Kevin worked on Saturday, we headed up to CincinnatiĀ for the Andrew McMahon concert! But first…a hot date at Skyline.


This is my fifth time seeing Andrew McMahon and it never gets old. We got there when doors open so I could stand as close as possible and it was WORTH IT.


The opening band, Hunter Hunted is my new fave. I went ahead and bought their EP while we were there and I haven’t stopped listening.


As usual, AM put on an amazing show and I’m already counting down the days until he comes back to my neck of the woods!


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