Happy 1st Birthday Gracie!

Today is Gracie’s first birthday! I can’t believe she’s already a year, it seems like it was just yesterday we brought her back from the adoption shelter!

Look at baby Gracie!

Aweeeee I miss that!

But I do NOT miss her razor-sharp baby teeth, her not potty-trained, her leash-pulling, her barking and chewing on things. We’ve started leaving her out of her crate when we’re gone and she’s been doing great! Little girl is growing up.

To celebrate her birthday, we took her to the dog park to meet new friends, then we headed over to PetSmart to grab new treats, toys, bones and a new ball.

That girl was out of EVERYTHING. Her ball is ruined because we accidentally left it in the sun and it melted (actually melted), she ate all of her other toys over the last year, she ran out of treats a few days ago and her bone is nowhere to be found! Needless to say, she is so excited to have new things to play with.

(And she got a new collar because her current one is HUGE on her and slips off her head.)

Happy birthday, Gracie girl!

For her “birthday present” (yes we are those people that got our dog a “present”), we got her a huge beef-flavored bone which she is currently devouring.

Now that the Olympics are over and Kevin is finally working some day shifts, we were able to get some wedding planning done!

Step #1…guest list! Check!

(Do you like my pretty binder with dividers?)

We nailed down our guest list last night over strawberry lemonade smoothies.

And tonight we’re going to watch HBO movies while eating Graeter’s ice cream. YES YOU CINCINNATIANS! I FOUND GRAETER’S IN DES MOINES!

I about flipped out when I saw it at the Whole Foods and even though it was $5 for this small little container, I bought it and surprised Kevin with his favorite, Black Raspberry Chocolate Chip, before I could think about it.

(And those salted dark chocolate caramels are the best thing ever…and this comes from someone who doesn’t like chocolate very much.)

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