Happy 25th, Kevin!

Before we get started, I apologize if any of you visited livingwithaboy.com on Tuesday evening – I was messing with the css coding and I messed it up so badly that I crashed my entire blog! Thankfully, I have some pretty good friends who came to the rescue and Jeff was able to fix it for me. Thank you again, Jeff!

Anyways – last night we celebrated Kevin’s birthday (again) because he turned 25 yesterday! Get ready for a not-so-great restaurant review, folks.

Kev and I love eating local and we love trying new restaurants, so when we heard of The Silver Dollar here in Louisville, we thought we’d enjoy it.

Now, I don’t know if it’s because we recently ate the BEST (!!) freaking meal of our entire lives on our honeymoon (which I promise, recaps are coming very soon), or if it was really not a good restaurant – either way, we were pretty disappointed.


We started off with a couple mugs of the local Falls City English ale, which was pretty tasty.

But then our food came out.

I ordered their burger, thinking it would be as delicious as Mussel & Burger Bar, but it was overdone. Mine came with a side of their house-made chips, but they were burnt. The mac n cheese that we ordered on the side was also burnt.


As was Kevin’s entire plate of chicken fried steak.


At least the beer was good?

Like I said before, we’re not sure if we thought the food was bad because we now have extremely high expectations after literally the most delicious food we’ve ever eaten on our honeymoon, or if it was really bad. However, I don’t think we’d consider burnt food delicious even if we didn’t have high expectations.

After dinner, we headed home for birthday cake ice cream! What other kind of ice cream do you get a 25 year old dude who is from Cincinnati?


He blew out his candles and made a wish and then it was time to open presents. Besides the wine and Reese’s, Kevin received two (vouchers) tickets to the 2014 Reds Home Opener (who conveniently play the Cardinals) on Monday, March 31! I also decided to break my ‘I-only-buy-$.99-cards” rule to splurge on a card specifically for “husband’s birthday.” Now that I got that out of my system, I’ll never spent $4 on a card again.


Now, I need to go mentally prepare myself for the best night of TV. Both Parenthood and Scandal are on tonight and they suck all the emotions out of me, so I should probably go pour myself another glass of wine in preparation. 😉



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