Happy Memorial Day

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and a very happy Memorial Day! A big thank you to our service men and women!

I grew up spending Memorial Day and Labor Day on the water – whether it was camping, boating or floating, I was soakin’ up the sun. We’ve had weddings the past two Memorial Day weekends and since Kevin had to work this year, so we decided to spend our long weekend catching up on some house work. One day I’ll be back on the water on Memorial Day.

We had some yard issues that include needing grass in certain areas, finding a new spot for our trash cans, killing a few weeds, fixing the front door and more. Nothin’ a little trip to Home Depot can’t fix!

IMG_3256 We loaded up on top soil to create a slope away from our house foundation, and some stones for the trash cans. Do you know how heavy each of those items were? Workouts for the week – check.

IMG_3257 IMG_3258 We also fixed our front storm door so it finally closes! Like my mat? 😉

IMG_3273 And we spruced up the front of the house by getting rid of an old bird’s nest, sweeping off the front patio and adding the security system signs. (PS We definitely still have more work to do. For example, we can’t wait to add a rail to that porch and really make it look homey.)

IMG_3274 We have hopes to plant grass next year, but Gracie is the little devil and thoroughly enjoys the taste of top soil.

IMG_3275 This project was not glamorous whatsoever, but it was needed. The previous owner had the trash cans right up against the deck which made the deck and kitchen smell.

IMG_3276 And perhaps my favorite project of all – we cleaned out the garage! This means that ALL of our boxes have at least been touched (not necessarily unpacked) and both of our cars fit in the garage.


And randomly, we caught The Voice season three’s winner, Cassadee Pope, perform live at the local Tin Roof!

IMG_3282Kev and I religiously watch The Voice and Cassadee was my favorite all year (Trevin was Kevin’s favorite). I was so excited to see her live! And I love her tattoo.


We had gorgeous weather all weekend so we enjoyed dinner out on the deck.


And a little game of fetch with the pup.

IMG_3290And here’s to only having 2.5 days of work left! Summer Fridays start this Friday and I cannoooooot wait! Cheers.


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    • You’re silly. I could say the same thing about you. Grass is always greener right? How about you come visit and frolic in my grass (that sounds dirty), and then we switch and I’ll go visit you and eat your roommie’s good food?

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