Hello from the air!

Hello from waaaaaay up in the air! Viva Las Vegas, here I come!

Normally when I fly, I get put in dinky little planes that seat 40 people, and even though I was on a small plane this morning from Louisville > Charlotte for my connection, I’m now on a Boeing 757 (I believe) with three seats on each side. And to make it more exciting, this flight has Wi-Fi capabilities so I purchased a flight’s worth of Wi-Fi because I HAVE to get some work done this morning.

My dinky little plane from Louisville > Charlotte

So this is what my set up looks like.

Yes, that yogurt cost $4 but I am starving (this is what happens when the airlines give you a 35-minute layover and you have to run to your connection so you have no time to stop and get breakfast.) And since I’ve been up since 3:40 a.m., I figured I should probably eat sometime today.

I remember when flying used to be so much nicer – you got free food/snacks, free blankets, headphones and leg room (what’s that?). I won’t be surprised if we’ll have to pay $5 to use the bathroom or get water soon.

My morning wake-up call was NOT fun at all. 


I somehow dragged myself out of bed right before my 3:45 a.m. alarm went off. Thank goodness for Starbucks and window seats on planes, because I survived only three hours of sleep (talk to me at noon to see how that ‘survival’ thing is going).



Kev and I were up pretty late last night looking for apartments, Christmas shopping and getting some wedding planning done. Productive, yet tiring and we were both super cranky while doing it all. It was almost laughable. On the way home from the mall, I got us lost and we ended up making a huge loop all the way around the city. At first we were both pissed, but then we just had to laugh at ourselves.


We went to Bed, Bath & Beyond to get a few presents and a gift for a friend’s wedding coming up and when we were walking in, I saw this! I was so excited. I think this may be the only other Blues fan in Louisville. I wanted to stand outside and wait for him/her to come back to his/her car so we could be bffs but Kevin wouldn’t let me.


Christmas shopping is nearly done – we just have a few other gifts to get/make but that’s it!


Miraculously, we found an apartment to live in, but boy that’s a depressing thought. Just last weekend we were looking at furniture online and dreaming of moving into that house, and now we are looking at tiny, old apartments. There were slim pickings out there because we HAVE to move in the first week of January (when temp. housing is up) and we only wanted 3-4 month leases because we want to buy. So that left us with a grand total of one place to choose from.


As far as wedding stuff goes, we picked out our DJ, called our caterer to schedule our tasting in Feb., reserved a block of hotel rooms for out of town guests and discussed who we want to have as readers/ushers/personal attendants. PRODUCTIVE!


I’m off to be actually productive at work now!
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