High Five for Fives

Sorry guys! Once again, no new recipe tonight. I have been in such a cooking slump this week – I think it’s partly due to the GORGEOUS weather outside! When I get home after work, I either head straight to the dog park with Grace (which is AWESOME by the way) or we take her on a nice long walk. I haven’t felt the itch to BBQ yet, but that will probably come next week if the weather stays nice. 🙂

Dog Park FTW!

That being said, I spent some time this evening catching up on some of my favorite posts by one of the best bloggers I know, Courtney. Seriously, guys, go check her stuff out – she rocks!!

I came across her post “My Fives” via the Link Within widget on the bottom of most blogs and I just had to participate since I recently did the ABC’s of me.

Arighty then, let’s get to it!

Last five people I talked to on the phone:

  1. My brother via Facechat (my mom, dad and dog (Nala) also joined in) 🙂
  2. My mom
  3. Kevin
  4. My friend and fellow Kappa from college, Rachel Bacher
  5. My aunt
(I talk to my family a LOT.)

Last Five Meals I Ate:

  1. Leftover pasta
  2. Banana (alright, not a meal but I’m including snacks in here)
  3. Panera’s Frontega Chickn Sandwich (thank you giftcards!)
  4. Yogurt with granola
  5. Cheese and crackers
What can I say, I’m a snacker.

Last five places I’ve traveled:

  1. Atlanta, GA (was stranded overnight, thanks again Peter!!)
  2. Orlando, FL
  3. Birmingham, AL
  4. Omaha, NE to visit Katie!
  5. Kansas City, MO to see Jack’s Mannequin

Next five places I will go (outside of my hometown):

  1. CHICAGO on Friday to see my family and friends!!
  2. Hopefully a trip home to STL
  3. A  friends’ wedding in Detroit
  4. Katie’s Bachelorette party (?)
  5. DESTIN, FL for VACATION on the BEACH (can you tell I’m excited)?! 🙂

Last five workouts:

Five things making me happy right now:

  1. It’s Wednesday which means tomorrow is Thursday which means the next day is Friday which means I get to see my family (who I haven’t seen since Christmas) very VERY soon!
  2. Being IN the Chicago St. Patrick’s Day Parade.
  3. Being IN Chicago
  4. March Madness (c’mon MIZZOU!)
  5. It’s friggin gorgeous outside.

My brizzzacket. Don't judge some of my weird picks.

Five essential clothing items for fall spring (I’m changing this question for the season):

  1. Flip flooooops!
  2. My STL Blues jacket Kevin bought me for our four year anniversary last year.
  3. Running shorts
  4. Pony tail holders (these count!)
  5. Tanks

And now I’ll add my own:

Top Five Favorite Vacation Destinations (these are NOT in order of favorites. I honestly can’t pick one favorite):

  1. Cancun, 1999 (I was 10, but I remember it was fun!)
  2. Washington D.C., 2010
  3. Alaskan Cruise, 2009
  4. Disney World, 2007 (last trip there, but I’ve been a bunch of times)
  5. Destin, FL (don’t remember the year, but a few years ago. Can’t wait to go back!)
Anyways, I’m off to go finish watching season 1 of Giuliana and Bill on Netflix. Does anyone else watch them? I think they are the cutest!

Oh and I have exciting news! Next week on the blog, I’ll be giving away something VERY exciting to all you foodies like me. You just wait! 🙂

Here’s your hint – 😉

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