Holiday Spirit

Today is supposed to be 62 degrees and tomorrow it will reach 71! That is nuts for mid-November but I am certainly not complaining. I’m looking forward to an afternoon run with Grace before my trip to Champaign in this gorgeous weather.

I’m going to tell a real quick blonde story (another one). It will be quick, I promise.

This morning I picked up my rental car for my work trip. Side note: driving a rental for work is the best part of work trips (besides the food). I drive the same car I’ve had since I was 17 and it’s quickly becoming the biggest piece of crap ever. I got a Kia Sorento this time.

You fancy, huh?

I pulled out of the Enterprise parking lot and tried to speed up, but the car didn’t go faster and it sounded like I was pushing on the gas while in neutral. I pulled into a parking lot to try to figure this baby out.

Looks like I accidentally had the shifter in the red box, which makes the car a manual, not automatic. Learning how to drive a stick shift may be on my bucket list (my dad tried to teach me once upon a time but I believe I ended up in the middle of a 4-way-stop intersection because I kept killing the car), but I did not expect this. I somehow made it all the way home driving it like a manual.

Then I called my dad and soon realized that I just had the shifter in the wrong gear basically. It’s supposed to be in the ‘D’ slot (the green circle) to the right of the red box of death.

Weirdest thing!

At least I figured it out. Does this mean I now know how to drive a stick?

What a morning.

/blonde story

It may not feel like the holidays are near, but Thanksgiving is less than two weeks away (What? Is that right?) and Christmas is just over a month away. Kev and I are going on a cruise in ONE MONTH with our best friends Danny and Sara which means all of our Christmas shopping probably needs to be done before we go on vacation.

I’ve been asked by my parents, Kev’s mom, grandparents and other family members for a Christmas list from us. I absolutely LOVE giving presents (that’s the one kind of shopping I absolutely love) and I already have some pretty fantastic ideas for almost everyone in my family. Speaking of fantastic present ideas, I have the BEST present for Kevin’s birthday and I can’t wait to give it to him on Tuesday! (Good thing he hardly ever reads my blog…he doesn’t think I got him anything this year.)

Growing up, I LOVED the week after Christmas back at school to share Christmas traditions and see what my friends got and gave for Christmas.

Here are some things that are on my Christmas list –

(From top left to bottom right)

1. Stationary, specifically “You’re My Lobster” stationary from Sugar Paper found here 2. Running shoes 3. Someecard 2013 calendar 4. Work out/running clothes (who am I?) 5. Money towards a nice, DSLR camera that I will one day buy myself. 6. Tickets to Wicked in St. Louis. 7. Sex and the City season (I have all but season 6) 8. A pair of nice sunglasses 9. “Tequila is not my friend #baconeggandcheeseplease Kate Spade (this was made for me)

I know what I’m getting my grandparents and aunt, but I still need to think of some things for my parents, Kev (if we exchange presents – hopefully a house is our Christmas present this year to each other), Kev’s mom and sister and my little bro.

I’m not letting this gorgeous, fall-like warm weather ruin the upcoming holidays. Starbucks red cups and Michael Buble’s Christmas album are definitely making their appearances in our apartment!

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