Holy Stress

Ever since we found our we’re moving, I’ve been stressed but it’s been the kind of stress that’s in the back of your mind that you don’t want to admit is happening so you pretend it doesn’t exist.

Today, when Kevin got off work and we got our move-out checklist from our apartment peeps, my stress came out from hiding and it hit HARD.

Mental breakdown much?

I currently have about 17 lists written containing everything we have to do, including but certainly not limited to:

  • Finding out what time we have to be out of our apartment on Nov. 2
  • Taking our stuff off our walls and repairing the small nail holes
  • Cleaning our entire place so we don’t get charged cleaning fees
  • Calling our priest (yes, remember how we’re planning a wedding also? I guess I should mention here that we did find a church and a priest. Yay! More on that later, now back to stressing)
  • Canceling electric/gas, cable, internet and change our mailing address
  • But wait, we don’t have a permanent home in Louisville so what will our address be? Our temporary housing? Our parent’s house?
  • Speaking of temporary housing, we have to book that
  • Find out what date/time the movers are coming to pack us up
  • BUT WAIT, before they pack us up, we have to set aside things that we don’t want put in storage like:
  1. MY PASSPORT (because remember when we planned that cruise for December? That is still happening)
  2. Clothes we’ll need for living in Louisville and our cruise (so not just winter clothes, but summer clothes too. Yay.)
  3. Things like salt, pepper, etc. (because we don’t want that sitting in storage and we don’t want to throw it away since we’ll need it in temporary housing)
  4. Toiletries
  5. Christmas decorations (yes, I’m stressing over Christmas decorations in October but I refuse for 2012 to be a grinch Christmas just because we don’t have a permanent place to live)
  6. Gracie’s things
And we have to fit all of the above into my car and Kevin’s car. May not sound like a big challenge, but I can hardly fit my bags for a weekend trip to St. Louis in my car. My car is T.I.N.Y. with a capital T. And while Kevin’s car is larger, it’s not an SUV by any means.

This is me right now:


And this is Kevin:

I swear, every time I write something down on one of our lists or talk to him about our move, he goes, “It’s okay, we’ll get it all figured out later!” (as he goes back to watching football, soccer, baseball or the weather).

Telling someone with severe Type-A anxiety problems that it will get all figured out LATER is the worst response.

But bless his heart because deep down, I know everything WILL get figured out and moving is NOT the end of the world, but it surely feels like it sometimes.

We’re good at balancing each other out. I’m the crazy one, he’s the realistic calm one. Could you imagine if we were both like me? Or both like him?

This sudden stressfulness just came out of nowhere, so I’m hoping it passes soon because we have some baseball to watch tonight!

And speaking of baseball, I was just a tad excited that the CARDINALS BEAT THE BRAVES last night! Woooweeeeee I love Red October!

My very good friend Peter is from Atlanta, so I just had to send him this picture last night.

He appreciated it very much. 😉


Have you recently been through a stressful move? What helped you make sure everything got done?

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