Home for the Holidays – Part 2

My post-holiday depression hasn’t been cured yet, so I’m going to share a little more from Christmas!

While I was home, I thought I would have plenty of time to relax and watch The Ellen Show every day, but I ended up keeping pretty busy throughout the week. I stopped by two agencies I interned for – Weber Shandwick and Marketicity – to have lunch and catch up. It was so great to see past co-workers and friends from both places! I also grabbed lunch with one of my friends from college, saw high school friends and helped my grandparents get ready for their big Christmas Eve party.

I don’t exactly know when their Christmas Eve party started, but I know they’ve had it since my dad was little (possibly even before he was born?). It’s been a family tradition that brings Santa (yes, Santa!), great food, cookies, drinks and family all together for one evening. This is the only night of the year we see some distant relatives – so it really means a lot to us! My immediate family usually helps get everything ready for the party. Our duties consists of wrapping presents, baking cookies, cleaning the house and decorating their basement.

Around 6 p.m. on Christmas Eve, the festivities began! We talked, ate great food and before we knew it, Santa arrived!


After the party, we headed to church for the Christmas Eve candlelight service. It’s always so nice to go to church to make you realize why you are celebrating Christmas.

When we got home from church, we hurried off to bed and tried our hardest to fall asleep quickly (because we still act like we’re 5-years-old). When we woke up, we ran in the living room for coffee, stuffed stockings and presents!

You know what presents look like, so I'll share my other favorite part of Christmas morning. 🙂

I honestly think giving is better than receiving! My dad loved his Blues hat and new trailer hitch and my mom loved her new yoga pants and kitchen stuff! Brendan was equally happy with the movie Horrible Bosses (hilarious, by the way!) and video games. I got some new clothes, a gorgeous Vera Bradley bag, movies and kitchen stuff. Santa was very good to us!

After we were done, we headed back over to the Bladdick grandparents house for brunch! Santa was also very good to us there. I got a Keurig coffee maker, a few seasons of Sex and the City and a crock pot. Wahoo!



For brunch, we had cowboy eggs (I promise I’ll blog the recipe soon!), hash brown casserole and biscuits! Absolutely delicious!

After a lovely brunch, we went to my other grandma’s house for family time! We stayed there for awhile and it was so good to see aunts, uncles and cousins! (I left my phone in the car, so I didn’t take any pictures. Oops!)

When we got home, we settled in for some of my dad’s awesome chicken wings and the movie Horrible Bosses. I couldn’t have asked for a better Christmas with family! 🙂

What are your holiday traditions? I absolutely love hearing about people’s holidays and what they got for Christmas, so please share!

Merry Christmas from The Bladdick's!

Oh by the way, did you know Gracie officially told us she’s a Cards fan? Yeah, it’s true. Kev and I picked out a red collar and leash when we got her because it fit both Cardinals and Reds (boo!), but this week she made her final decision (I mean why wouldn’t you go with the 2011 World Series Champions?).

She knows what's good for her.

Off to heat up leftovers from last night’s dinner and watch a few episodes of Gossip Girl! I really need to find a new show, don’t I? 🙂

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