Home Sweet Home

Welcome to our home! I finally found my camera and took some pictures of our new apartment. I actually had some older pictures on my camera, so I’ll put those up here, too.

Old room 🙁









So many boxes –









Umm wtf. Literally, a man driving down the road on a tractor with a barrel of hay. Welcome to Iowa.









Delicious Mexican restaurant in town! It’s the first place Kev and I ate in Des Moines









Home Sweet Home!!











Welcome home! Our kitchen (before the movers, aka my family, came)









The movers are here! My family, Kev and I started unpacking ASAP –









The IKEA furniture was a bitch. There, I said it. I love IKEA, but if it weren’t for Kev and Brendan, it would not be up right now.









Did I also mention the DYI headboard was a bitch? No, it wasn’t that bad. But it did take my whole family to put it together.











Mom and I had to hold all the pieces in place while the nail glue dried. Fun.









Bren thought it was fun, too.









Finished product!









My family helped us so much! We seriously wouldn’t have a kitchen right now if it weren’t for my mom.











Now for the finished product! Welcome home –











My beach, yes, beach bag. And noodle. The pool is in walking distance and it’s roughly a billion degrees outside.















View from the kitchen, with pretty flowers Kevin surprised me with today!! 🙂 Getting good use out of my flower vase already.









View of the kitchen from the living/dining room.









Kitchen table that is currently holding our 1500-piece puzzle we’re working on. Old people syndrome.











Living room.









Entertainment center/”office”









Our backyard/patio #1











Backyard/Patio #2 (currently doing laundry)











My favorite room in our house. Beach bathroom!



















Bedroom (headboard, again) –









And there’s your grand tour! It was so fun getting our apartment ready. Packing and unpacking sucked a whole lot, but it was worth it. Now I need to decorate!

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I am off to watch The Bachelorette and sip margaritas.


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