I’m HOME! And Kevin is in Vegas! I think it’s safe to say we’re both in two of our favorite places, respectively. Okay, I’m actually pretty jealous he’s in Vegas with all of his friends, but I’m not complaining about being home!

I left Des Moines after work on Wednesday and dropped Kevin off at the airport before hitting the wide-open most boring roads ever to St. Louis. It took me about five and a half hours to get home, including one stop to use the restroom, get a snack and fill up my gas tank. I made the first half of the drive go by fast by listening to a book on tape and the second half of my drive was filled with talking to my grandparents and dear friend Katie. 🙂

I worked from home yesterday (best company perk EVER) and took today off to spend time with family on this Good Friday.

Speaking of Good Friday, it was exactly one year ago today that the big tornadoes ripped through the city of St. Louis. Thankfully, my neighborhood and house was left undamaged, but the most damage occurred near my grandma’s neighborhood in Bridgeton, Missouri (where our airport is). I am so thankful for the National Weather Service because they put out the warnings and our smarty-pant-selves listened and went in the basement for cover. NWS warnings + people listening and taking cover = lives saved. Simple as that, folks!


In honor of me being home and our favorite restaurant, Casa Gallardo, closing, my parents recreated their famous beef & pork chimichanga (or as well call it – beef & pork chimi)! The process is long and the recipe is complicated, so instead of paying close attention, I made guacamole and drank a Corona. I’ll have my parents write down the recipe so I can post it soon!


This is a layer of rice, black beans, chimichanga, lettuce, cheese, salsa, a lime and sour cream. Unbelievably delicious!

After dinner, we watched a movie and relaxed. Unlike the last time Gracie was in town, they actually got along much better this time!


I’m technically off work today so I’m going to get ready to grab lunch with my grandparent’s, dad and brother (mom works :() at The Pasta House! Then, I’m coming home to get ready for THE BLUES game tonight! Wish me luck, all – tonight’s Fan Appreciation Night and I’d thoroughly enjoy wearing Sobotka’s sweaty jersey. 🙂



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    • Hi Lauren, ugh not yet! My parents say it takes days to make because you have to let the meat stew or something. I am thinking this fall will be a good time to learn the recipe! Now all I want is a chimi 🙂

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