Homecoming/Alumni Weekend 2011

WHAT. A. WEEKEND! I was seriously missing college and Homecoming Weekend could not have come at a better time! Kevin and I hit the road after we got off work on Friday and headed east on I-80. Six hours and an entire personal pan pizza later, we were in Valpo!

I was so incredibly happy to see my friends again. I almost cried when I walked in and saw all of them (already drinking) waiting for us! People don’t understand how hard it is to meet friends after college in a completely new city, unless you are also experiencing it. In high school and college, everyone is trying to make friends, but in the “real world,” most people already have their groups of friends. Kevin and I moved to Iowa without knowing a single soul, and it’s been really rough trying to find a group of friends like the ones we had in high school and college. Because of this, we were really longing to see our best friends again!

Can I just show you what I walked into Friday night? It’s hilarious:


And dinner?

Too funny. That, I do not miss. I love having a kitchen and the ability to cook real meals (although the chicken ‘nuggets’ were delicious).

We headed out and walked *in the rain* to the local bar. We had fun and didn’t care that it was raining. Saturday was seriously the best day ever. We woke up and two of my best friends and I went to lunch at the best local dive. Jimmy’s Cafe is a Valpo favorite and we couldn’t have picked a better place to sit and catch up.

After going to the first half of the football game (for all you Iowa people – Homecoming Weekend is not about the game. I don’t even know who we were playing, let alone the score. We probably lost, though) and watching the halftime show, we went to meet up with more friends, then eat at a new Mexican restaurant in town.

Margaritas (yep, that’s the name) had the BEST margaritas. Ice cream marg, anyone?!

We went to the local bar, Duffy’s, for an all-you-can drink beer and brat fry. That was fun. Enough said.

Sunday we relaxed and Kevin had a meteorology thing on Monday, so we headed home in the afternoon just in time to catch the Monday Night Football game.

In the end, we had the best weekend visiting our old friends. You don’t realize how good you have it in college until it’s over. If I had to give one piece of advice to a current student, I would say to thoroughly enjoy school. Now that I look back, I almost wish I would have studied less and spent more time having fun and enjoying the college lifestyle. Enjoy, students!

And to all my Kappas and dear friends, I had so much fun seeing you this weekend! You are the best and I miss you all already! 🙂

Random question for Iowans: where is a good place to pick apples and grab a pumpkin? Are there any local orchards? That’s one of my favorite things to do in the fall and I’d like to go in the next couple weekends. Thanks!

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4 thoughts on “Homecoming/Alumni Weekend 2011

  1. So jealous of your trip!
    I know some apple/pumpkin places by me, but I can check with my Des Moines fam for you if you’d like!

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