Hotels mean vacation, right?

Not right! For two weeks (well, three for Kevin), we lived in a hotel until we were able to move into our apartment. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be…but it wasn’t fun. One room can get pretty boring after so long. Plus, Kevin works weird hours so there were some evenings I was on my own. On those nights, I went shopping. Hey, I was bored!

Now we’re all moved into our apartment, but I can’t find my camera at the moment and haven’t taken pictures of our new place yet. So instead, I’ll talk a little bit about 4th of July.

Amazingly, Kevin had all weekend off! We (meaning, I) really wanted to check out the lakes around the area. So, we woke up, got gas, ice, food and BEER. It was going to be the perfect day on the beach! Or so I thought…it rained the entire way to the lake. When we got there, we checked out the dam system and sat on the beach…the cold, rainy, cloudy, beach.









I worked as a lifeguard for six years and this is the first summer I haven’t worked outside. I look like a vampire people. I wanted nothing more than to sit outside and just bathe in the sun all day. Kevin, on the other hand, is naturally pale as a ghost. He was SOOO happy it was cloudy and rainy (that way, he wouldn’t get sun burned). We stayed for about an hour, then headed back to Des Moines.

On Friday night, we saw Transformers 3 (hellooooooo Shia!) and there was a poster advertising fireworks and a live band for the 4th. When we got back to Des Moines from the rainy beach, we decided to go check out the band and firework show. We got there about 15 minutes late and it was packed. I was walking slowly through the area because I was memorized by the kettle corn and margarita booths. Kevin spotted the PERFECT spot for two, right in front of the band. We sat on our blanket and broke open our cooler to enjoy three hours of great “oldies” music (Sweeeeeet Caroline…bum bum bum!) and fireworks.

























On Sunday, we wanted to check out the lake that’s right by our new apartment. Saylorville Lake is beautiful! However, all of the beaches are underwater because of the flooding, so Kev looked up trails and we went hiking! I did sneak in a picture of all the boaters on the lake, though!









Overall, it was a fantastic weekend! We really needed to get out of the hotel room and we’re so glad we found fun stuff to do in the area.

I also need to throw in there that I somehow got Kevin in the pool this weekend. (If you know Kevin, you know he’s not the first person to jump in a pool). Victory!

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