I Could Get Used to That

Hello! I feel like I haven’t blogged in forever but I keep meaning to! Where do the evenings go?!

This past weekend, Kevin and I had the most NORMAL and fun weekend! This never happens you guys! Kevin works strange hours and I really hate it, especially on weekends, so when he had this whole weekend off, I was absolutely thrilled.

We cleaned and grilled out on Friday, then woke up to cinnamon rolls (omg yum), and headed to the gym before going to the Iowa State Fair!

This is embarrassing, but I’m going to be honest for a sec? Kevin runs 11 mph on the treadmill, while I walk/jog at about five.

And he listens to his music and watches the History channel (?), while I watch shows about food. This particular recipe was a seven-cheese grilled cheese.

….maybe I should take something away from this…

Sooo back to the state fair. We went last year and had a good time, but we were a bit overwhelmed. This year, we had no expectations or “must-sees,” so we just walked around!

We made sure to stop by the National Weather Service’s booth. Dork? Yes.

We pretty much just walked around and watched people. There are some characters at the fair, I tell ya.

This is an old phone. I don’t really know the history or reason why we took this picture.

Out of all the animals we saw, the brand new baby goat was my favorite. Eeeeek look at how cute! He couldn’t walk yet, so he galloped everywhere. It was adorbs.

Before we left, we stopped by to get some killer ice cream! These guys cook it with nitrogen and it is so rich and creamy. Yummmmmooooo!

Holy zoomed in. Thanks for that one, Kev.

That was the only food we ate at the fair. I know, we’re horrible people! To be honest, we’re not really big fair food people. I love funnel cakes, but Kevin doesn’t like them, while Kevin loves corn dogs and I hate them. Strange, right? Instead of spending a ton of money on food, we split the ice cream and went out to dinner after!

On Sunday, we did so much wedding research. We found about six venues that we like in our budget and I can’t wait to go check them out! We’re actually going to head down to STL this weekend to look at them. You see, I thought I was fine taking a little break between getting engaged and wedding planning, but as I said earlier, apparently people book venues/vendors fast and we don’t want to be behind!

(If you have any venues/photographers/djs/etc. that you love/loved in STL, I am more than happy to take your suggestions!)

I’m off to make us chicken piccata tonight for dinner! I could really get used to having normal-people weekends!

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