I Want to Live There + Best Burger Ever

Back for another NYC recap!

After visiting the National September 11 Memorial, Pam and I boarded the New York Sightseeing Loop Tour bus (cl) and made our way further into Lower Manhattan to see Wall Street.

Marky Mark Zuckerberg was in town, but we didn’t see him.

So pretty!

And now you’ll see a glimpse into my obsession with the show Gossip Girl.

The Brooklyn Bridge:

Hotel Empire

We also saw the original Coyote Ugly on our bus tour!

And the door stoop where John Lennon was shot.

And the Soup Man!

We drove up and down Central Park West and I thought the view was absolutely incredible! Lively city on the left, gorgeous park on the right. Love it!

After our bus store, we went to a neighborhood in Manhattan called Greenwich Village to see something on my “must-see in NYC list”…

The FRIENDS building!!

Friends is my all-time favorite show – I own all the seasons and can recite way too many episodes for my own good.

Could I BEEEE any more excited?

It was already my favorite neighborhood because of this building alone, but honestly Greenwich Village is THE cutest. neighborhood. ever.



I honestly want to live there.

Look at that door stoop! (My dream house has a stoop.)
Pam and I walked around Greenwich Village and pretended like we lived there. We were on the hunt for a place to eat dinner and Daddy-O‘s caught our eye right away.
It was here that I had one of the best dining experiences of my life.
We started out with a glass of their house Brown Ale. Mighty tasty.
After looking at the menu, Pam and I both decided to get burgers. Best decision I made all week.

It doesn't look like anything special, but the picture does not do it justice.

Normally when I sit down for a meal, I rarely finish my whole plate. I always have leftovers because I fill up pretty easily. Typically, I eat a number of small meals throughout the day, instead of a couple big meals. So for me to literally not even put this burger down for a whole ten minutes while enjoying every single mouthwatering bite, you knew it was good.

I didn’t want eating this burger to ever end.

The aftermath.

And because we weren’t happy and full enough already, we walked around to another local bar and grabbed a couple of beers while listening to a large band play live.

We kept saying, “this is so New York.”

We rode the subway back to our hotel and stayed up late talking about our wonderful day.

I’ll be back later with a recap of Tuesday which includes seeing JAKE GYLLENHAAL, David Letterman and WICKED!

As for tonight, I’m going to whip Kevin up a quick dinner when he gets home. You’d think that because we live together I’d see him all the time, but his work schedule is really crazy and I’ve been traveling so much so I really haven’t seen him in so long. He was off work today, but decided to go storm chasing and won’t get back for awhile and I know he’ll be hungry when he gets home. Best girlfriend ever award? πŸ™‚

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  1. Gabby, I love the picture of you in front of friends. Daddy-o’s looks delicious πŸ™‚ too

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