Ikea … Enough Said

Pretty sure it’s safe to say that Ikea owned me. Not only did it own my credit card, but it completely took a toll on my body.

We got to Ikea at 9 a.m. The store opens at 9:30 (see? already off to a good start). Once inside, we took our time, looked inside every single kitchen drawer, sat on every single couch and really “perused” the store. Then, we realized it was 11:30 a.m. and we weren’t even halfway done with one floor (there are three floors, mind you).  We decided to eat lunch and pick up the pace.

The store is amazing! Every single “room” makes me want to win the lottery so I can buy 500 kitchens just like the ones they have on display. Ikea also has a cart escalator….amazing!









One cart was full, then another, and another, and then between the three of us, we had four carts and one box cart. Here’s the list of some of the things I bought –

TV stand (designed it myself)
Desk (designed it myself)
A butt load of kitchen stuff
Coffee table
Duvet Cover (it took a long time to explain to Kev what a duvet cover is) Please note – this image makes the duvet cover look really ugly – I promise, it’s not.









My receipt  said I got 57 items … so I’m not going to list everything. We got to the check out line at 6 p.m. (so that’s 8.5 hours of shopping), and I went to lift the bookshelf – I thought the cashier had control of it, so I let go. Then, it slammed onto my toe. Not only did my feet hurt before that from walking 8.5 hours, but that really did me in. So, I went to the marketplace, got an ice cream and piece of pizza to top off the wonderful day.

I can’t wait to move in so we can assemble (yes, assemble from scratch, basically) all our new stuff!

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