I’m Back!

Oh. my. gosh! I’M HOME! That feels so great to say.

I’m so sorry for my absence. Please understand!

Kevin and I had a great time in New York last weekend (full recap coming soon), and as soon as we got back on Tuesday, I came down with an awful cold. There was a lot of laying around and resting because yesterday and today, I was in Atlanta for work.

Do you remember my Chicago air travel hell story? I’ve had two more since then: to/from DC and to/from NYC.

I was a lucky kid and got to travel a lot in my childhood. I never really had a fear or anxiety of flying. After having major weather delays, mechanical issues, crew timing out, cancellations, planes getting hit by lightening and more in the past MONTH alone, I have officially diagnosed myself with severe flying anxiety.

The type of anxiety where you can’t eat and can’t sleep because all you think about is getting back home safely. I’ll be honest with you: I shed a tear of joy when I landed safely in Louisville an hour ago!

Right now, I am at home kicking back with a few brewskis on our deck because it’s actually pretty nice outside. Tomorrow we’re supposed to get hit with a crazy ice storm that I think most of the Midwest is dealing with. Where is spring?!

Anyways, this post is all over the place and totally random, but I promise to resume regular posting soon!


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