iPhone Dump

Sometimes, everything happens at once. Like when your Wi-Fi and your dryer die and you feel like you are incapable of handling adulthood because of that. Hello ethernet cord and line drying clothes, I do not like either of you.

So in the meantime, here’s a nice little photo dump since I haven’t blogged in 43 years.

I got promoted at work (!) and my parents sent me the cutest package ever full of some of my favorite snacks. (What, FiberOne bars aren’t on your ‘favorite snacks’ list?)


Speaking of work…it’s been pretty cool lately. The PR team had a cookout a couple weeks ago and it was Hawaiin themed. Enter, my shirt I got in 2005 in Gulf Shores. But the real important part of this picture is the pineapple dip I made. So Pinteresty and so yummy. I will have to share the recipe soon!


More work! Sorta. I’m on the board of the Forecastle Foundation, the naturally awesome non-profit arm of the Forecastle Festival aaaand we just announced a new partnership with Heine Brothers’ Coffee.


More work! (And now you know why I haven’t blogged in forever.) Anyways. On Thursday, we had a videoshoot for one of my clients and it went really well – especially taste testing the cocktails after the shoot. 😉


MORE. WORK. Kindof! Gracie paid our office a visit Friday afternoon! She had a haircut not too far from my work so when it was over, I picked her up and brought her in for the last couple of hours. She pretty much loved it.


Oh, and now for the cutest photo on my iPhone (sorry, Gracie). Kevin and I babysat hung out with my coworker, Sarah’s, adorable child this weekend. Her son, Mikel, is just the cutest and we wanted to see if we could survive an evening of caring for another human being without killing each other. Success! And we had so much fun. <3


Oh. I started running again. Today was the day. I took a four-month break and I’m baaaack! (Way more on this later.)


Now I must go because Taylor Kitsch True Detective is on and we need to watch it!

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