Julia & Chad’s Wedding

This post should have happened two weeks ago. Totally behind on blogging. Forgive me!

My really good friend Julia got MARRIED on Sept. 21 in Ann Arbor, Michigan and the wedding was soooooooo beautiful! But before that happened, a couple of weeks prior to that, I went up to Cincinnati (where she lives) for a mini bachelorette party to celebrate one of her last weekends as a single lady. She had a formal bachelorette party, but me and a couple of her other Cincinnati friends couldn’t attend, so we were happy to do round two with her!

We started the night at Cloud 9 sushi in Cincinnati and holy cow, it was delicious. We ordered 15 rolls…for five girls. And yes, we did a mighty fine job on them. Also, the roll Sunday Morning (last roll on the right on the big plate) changed my life forever. So, so good.

IMG_4197 After sushi, we went to a drag queen show which was entirely too much fun!

IMG_4198 Viva Las Gaygas! (Friends…anyone?)


Fast-forward to two weeks later and we were watching Julia walk down the aisle!

IMG_4299 She looked so beautiful and their ceremony and reception were absolutely perfect!

IMG_4308 Their reception was in a tent and we dined on BBQ, drank delicious beverages (Oktoberfest woot woot!) and danced the night away to their awesome DJ.

I think it’s safe to say we had a good time.

IMG_4306Congrats, Julia & Chad! I’m so happy my g-chat buddy is back from Hawaii finally! 😉


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