Just Do It (Destin Part 2)

As promised, I’m back with one last Destin post!

One afternoon, it was raining a little so we decided to go out to lunch to The Back Porch, one of our favorite places to eat in Destin. (If you’re going to Destin, we highly recommend Captain Daves on the Gulf also, but we didn’t make it there this time in between our hospital trips.)

And it just so happened that we were there during happy hour. We totally planned to go for happy hour (who are we kidding?) because the beer was cheap and the oysters were on special. Win win.

Cheers to vacation!

And cheers to this view.

All day, I talked myself into trying oysters. My mom and brother LOVE oysters, but me, my dad and Kevin have never tried them.

After a few rounds of beers, I was totally down for trying oysters.

Until they came out.

And looked like this.


Just didn’t think I could do it.

Even after watching people eat them and enjoy them.









Mom and Bren somehow talked my dad into trying one. I think my dad did it on a whim.  All of a sudden, he picked up an oyster, put salt, pepper, lemon and cocktail sauce on it and swung his head back.

And he couldn’t have picked up his beer to wash it down any faster.

Turns out? He liked it! And had a few more.

I still had no desire to try one.

After all, this was my meal.

Delish. No complaining.

But then, Kevin decided to try one out of nowhere! WHAT?

Yes, that’s Kevin. Eating an oyster. The same guy who doesn’t like any vegetable besides corn. And put a FILET on a BURGER BUN. Again…what?

Once I saw him try one, I couldn’t NOT try it.

So I braced myself.

Downed it.

Tried to figure out what just happened.

And decided that it wasn’t that bad!

Trying new foods…check! Remember when I thought I would never like sushi and now I love it?

I sorta feel like a BA now that I (kind of) like oysters. And now I realize, even more than ever, that I definitely DO belong on a coast, and not in the middle of Iowa.

(smile next time, Grandpa!) 🙂

After lunch, we headed to the beach to walk around and take a few pictures. It was such a beautiful night!

We may not have been able to go to Captain Dave’s, but we surely did not miss out on visiting The Track. As an “adult,” I now see why riding those go-karts year after year as a kid was so fun.

We were just a bunch of tall children that night.

And before we knew it, we had to say goodbye to the Gulf.


Another Bladdick Family vacation in the books and about 100 new memories were made. We can’t wait to go back, but for now, I have to get ready for Scottsdale! I leave tomorrow for Katie’s bachelorette party and I cannot WAIT!

Hello, this.

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  1. I tried oysters for the first time too, this spring. It’s definietly….different but not so bad. You’re vacation looked like a great time and Scottsdale looks great too. Enjoy!

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