Kevin’s 24!

Kevin turned 24 yesterday!

We celebrated with our friends Kevin and Kirsten (my Kevin knows them from high school) and Kirsten is in med school here at U of L and her Kevin (that’s how we talk about our fiances with each other) lives and works here too. They’re getting married next month (!) and we had a great time catching up over dinner at Hammerheads, a local fabulous restaurant, per their recommendation.

Elk burger and truffle oil mac n cheese. Drool.

When we got home, I gave Kevin his birthday present: tickets to the Louisville (No. 2) vs. Cincinnati (No. 24) game in March. He was a little excited.

His work schedule has been a little wonky, so this is how I’ve been finding him as of late.

And while he does that, I do things like this.

And this.

One of my new favorite bloggers, Tess, always does a Wedding Wednesday post (congrats on the early wedding present wine fridge!!) and I said I was going to start doing that way back when (I know I suck), but you know things happen and I forgot like a typical blonde.

Book venue
Book caterer and bar
Meet with caterer for tasting – Hopefully we’ll schedule this over the holidays
Book church
Book DJ – We have calls with three DJs tomorrow. More on this later.
Book photographer – (SO excited to have Laura!)
Book videographer – We have one (!) but details to come later.
Create wedding website – Almost done, but needs a few tweaks before we share
Ask bridal party to be in the wedding
Register – Waiting until we have a house
Premarital classes – We need to find a catholic church here to begin our classes
Ceremony music – We need to call the church organist
Buy wedding dress – Setting up a weekend to look in Cincinnati with the moms
Order save the dates – We’re getting these designed by a very good friend, so we need to talk to her about them
Finalize guest listSaying this was done was the joke of 2012. People aren’t lying when they say guests get added as planning goes.


I really thought I would enjoy wedding planning much more, but to be completely honest, it has not been fun thus far. I hate being far away from my family and the city we’re getting married in; it makes it a lot harder. Plus, at work, I’m planning roughly 10 client events over the next 5 weeks which has me stressed out to the max. The last thing I want to do after planning events all day, is go through wedding stuff, but hopefully once the holidays hit, things slow down.


Tomorrow Kev and I have a couple phone meetings with DJs. I’ve had roughly 17 panic attacks over booking a DJ. If you know us, you know Kev and I L.O.V.E. to dance. I mean, we love it. And I keep thinking the worst: DJ plays the chicken dance when we specifically say not to, DJ announces us as the wrong couple, the music cuts off and they can’t get it working, the list goes on and on. So tonight I created a list of questions to ask these DJs tomorrow, and hopefully we can pick one based off how they answer.


All Gracie wants in life is for us to put away the house hunting and wedding stuff and play with her. And so we did this afternoon. She loves us again.
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