Lake Life

Last month, we had an amazing long weekend at Cave Run Lake with our best friends’ families. They go every year, and we’ve been once before and couldn’t wait to get back on the water!

We were there Wednesday night through Saturday and spent two full days on the water. This meant bringing plenty of beer. (This isn’t even all of it.) #prepared


We were on the water Thursday and Friday in late August and we were practically the only people on the water. It was awesome!


The best part about this year’s trip was The Island.


This massive inflatable says it seated 6, but we packed more on it. We just left this bad boy out in the cove and relaxed all day on it.


Doesn’t get much better than a float that has a cooler inside it!


So in the effort to keep things real here, the trip was not as amazing as it could have been. Kev jumped in the lake on Thursday and when he surfaced, he realized his wedding band wasn’t on.

(Insert gasp.)

Yes, for those of you who know us personally, Kevin wore his late dad’s wedding band. And it’s now in the bottom of Cave Run Lake. 🙁

It put a pretty big damper on the day for us, but we tried to remember that things happen for a reason and it wasn’t the end of the world, despite how much it sucks that it’s gone.

Regardless of that mishap, we had such a good time with our extended family. Can’t wait til next year’s trip (where we will be leaving our wedding bands at home)!


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