Last Pack for A While

We close on our house TOMORROW!

It was so hard to keep it under wraps on the blog, so I wrote about really dumb things like this. It’s not that we didn’t want to tell people that we found a house, but we were nervous of it falling through. When we offered on the first house we liked, we went through a few rounds of countering and ended up walking away because the seller was a royal douche. I didn’t want to get my hopes up this time, so we only told friends/family and kept it off the World Wide Web for the most part.

So the story of finding the house? Remember when we went through the move from our temporary living to our current crap-tastic apartment? Well, once we got settled in the apartment, our real estate agent emailed us a few new listings and on that Monday we set out to look at them. Kevin actually went with our agent earlier than I did (I had a few things at work I needed to do) and he called me telling me that I needed to meet them at this awesome house they just looked at. So I finished up what I was working on and headed over there and loved it. We went back again the next day to see what it looked like again, and then Kev and I drove around the neighborhood that night and talked to a neighbor (this sounds creepy, but I’d highly recommend this). We knew we loved the house, the area was great and the price was right so we put an offer in on Tuesday morning! So yes, you read that right. We moved into our apartment on Friday, signing a four-month lease and we offered on a house that following Tuesday…FOUR DAYS LATER we found a house. BLADDICK LUCK, I swear. Anyone want to move into a lovely apartment in Louisville until May?

Regardless of having two places at once, AT LEAST we found a house that we both love.

Oh and remember when my parents were in town last month? They were checking out the house! We also made a trip to Home Depot and local furniture stores to browse.

So this was the last mention of house on the blog and once our offer was accepted, we hurried up and went through the inspection process. Then came the appraisal and paperwork galore. The paperwork is out of control.

IMG_1875 IMG_1876 Once our loan went through underwriting (which can be a pain in the rear), Kev and I began to imagine what we wanted our future home to look like. We went to Home Depot and gathered as many color pamphlets and swatches as we could carry. It got a little ridiculous.

IMG_2034 Did you know there are approximately 7,000 different whites to choose from? There are.

IMG_2035 And I thought picking a “cool blue/grey color” would be easy. HAH! These are the 25 cool blue/grey colors that we narrowed down from a batch of 100.

IMG_2036While we were driving to St. Louis on Thursday, Kevin and I got the great news from our lender saying our loan was final and approved. Wahoo! We spent one of our mornings in St. Louis hitting up Home Depot (our new bff) picking out paint supplies and buying some samples.
IMG_2145 Yay for homeownership! (Bye, money.)

IMG_2160 So now we begin the packing process all over again…MY FAVORITE

Thankfully, we decided to leave a lot of our things packed from our latest move, so we don’t have THAT much to put in boxes. Regardless, it’s still a chore.

IMG_2168IMG_2174 We get the keys tomorrow (!) so we are going to head over there and begin slapping paint samples on the walls before our friends help us paint the rest of this week and weekend.

We’re smart and gathered a bunch of towels, paper towels, toilet paper, paper plates, plastic forks and iPod dock to bring over to the house so we can eat (takeout every night…yay) and do other things without having a completely empty house.

IMG_2172Oh, and koozies got packed too. Necessities!


Tonight we’re going to finish packing our apartment, go through our painting supplies (some new, some borrowed – thank you!) before closing tomorrow morning!

IMG_2173Some may be wondering why we’re in a hurry to paint and move in when we have our apartment until May…the first reason – we’re excited! Secondly – I’m going to be out of town for work the first two weekends in March, and Kevin works the rest of the weekends in March. This means we wouldn’t be able to move in until April at the earliest, and we’re just too excited to wait. 😉


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