Last Wedding Planning Weekend in St. Louis

Just like this last post, this one’s comin’ atcha way late.

Oh about a month ago, Kev and I went to St. Louis to do our last round of wedding planning errands and go to a wedding shower thrown for me by my Aunt Pam Bladdick!

Knowing it would be our last time in St. Louis before the week of the wedding, we had a lot on our agenda. This included:

  • My hair trial
  • My make-up trial
  • My final dress fitting (it ended up being final TWO dress fittings because it didn’t fit after final dress fitting #1)
  • Jewelry shopping (no dice, but not concerned)
  • Organist meeting to go over ceremony music


It was nice because Kevin’s mom came with us, so we spent part of an afternoon at Schlafly’s Bottleworks to go over some of the logistical details about the wedding while enjoying a couple of cold ones.

IMG_4256 IMG_4255 After a brew, we headed to Hacienda to celebrate my grandparent’s birthdays! My baby brother decided to come in town that weekend, but was unfortunately stuck in bed with a bad cold most of the weekend. I was so glad he felt well enough to come out to dinner with us for a bit!

IMG_4257 Love my family! (Dad, where are you in this picture?) (I look like a midget next to my gigantically-tall brother/mom.)

IMG_4262 Dinner and the margaritas were fantastic, and dessert was even better! Happy birthday, grandma and grandpa!



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