Letters from Home are the Best

Told you I didn’t forget about Thirty Days of Thanks! I started it late and since I don’t blog every day, it’s running a little past Thanksgiving. But hey, we should be thankful year round!

Days 10-17

Day 10 – Nature. One of the things I like most about where we live is the walking path that is in our backyard. The trees and grass in the back make it feel less like an apartment complex, and more like a home.

Day 11 – Something Old. My friends from high school (especially Laura) will laugh at this post. Jamestown Mall, once upon a time, was actually a mall where people went in Florissant (where I grew up). The American Eagle store in that mall was every 14-year-old girl’s dream. One day, after church, my mom took me there and I remember my very first AE purchase. A pair of flip flops, a t-shirt and a pair of shorts. To this day, those flip flops are the most comfortable pairs of shoes I’ve ever owned. I still have them just to wear around the house.

Day 12 – Hands. This is a stretch, but I love to cook. Seriously, I love it. I couldn’t cook without my hands. Therefore, I’m thankful for my hands.

Day 13 – Written Words. I know I’m a big advocate for the USPS because my mom is a letter carrier. But in all honesty, you know you love receiving snail mail (that’s not junk). Everyone complains because stamps are so expensive – yadi, yadi, yadi – but think about it: it cost $.44 to mail a letter across the country? That’s pretty awesome. (Please refrain from “Well, I can email someone across the country for free” comments. I know you can, I’m just sayin!) 🙂 Anyways, I’m so thankful when my parents, other family members and friends send me letters from home. They make me beyond happy.

Day 14 – Movement. Check out this wicked cool picture*. I love my friends, I love the college I went to (go Valpo!), I loved Homecoming Weekend. (*We may or may not have been 100 percent sober in this photograph.)

Day 15 – Technology. I’m obsessed with my MacbookPro, but you probably knew that already. Basically, some friends and I entered this marketing competition our senior year of college and if we won, we got $15,000 to split five ways (hellooooo $3K in my pocket!). Well, we won. I didn’t think in a million years we would win, but we did. And because we did, I said sayonara to my hardly-working Dell laptop and picked up a shiny new MacbookPro a few months later. I’m also thankful for my marketing competition friends who are pure geniuses. (Like that desktop background? Me too.)

Day 16 – Animals. Did you really think I’d take a picture of an animal other than Gracie? Okay, I’ll include Nala in here because I looooooove her so much, too!

Crappy old Blackberry picture.

Day 17 – Memories. My parents made me a scrapbook of basically my entire life when I graduated high school. It’s seriously the best scrapbook and I look at it all the time. It brings back so many memories, all of which I am thankful for!

Off to Mexican dinner with friends tonight! Yuuuuummmmm!

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2 thoughts on “Letters from Home are the Best

  1. So I just found your blog. And I LOVE what you’re writing about. I’m getting ready to live with my boy next year and I appreciate the sneak peek.
    Ps: I totally read your blog title in Monica’s voice ;D
    Your puppy is ADORABLE by the way!! x

    • Hi Stephanie! Thanks for stopping by! Living with your boy is so fun – you guys will definitely enjoy it. 🙂 And don’t let Gracie’s face deceive you – she is a cutie, but can be a little stinker at times. We still love her, though!

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