Life at 26

Growing up is a funny thing, you know? In high school, I couldn’t wait to get to college. In college, I spent my time longing to graduate and be a grown up. Now that I’m a 26-year-old married homeowner, most people might thing that the very next step should be having babies.

That’s why growing up is a funny thing. Now that I am officially a grown up and such, I’d like to enjoy it for a little bit before I have to help another human being grow up. Kevin and I have always talked about starting a family, and while that’s something we are looking forward to someday, we have a few things we want to accomplish before that stage in our life.

1. Travel: There are two major trips that Kevin and I want to take before we even think about having kids. An all-inclusive beach vacation is one of them. Mexico, Jamaica, Bahamas, you name it. If it includes unlimited fruity alcohol drinks with a little umbrella and a beach, I’ll be happy.



Another trip we know we definitely want to take before kids is Europe. Kevin’s never been and I’ve only been to England and Germany. And even though I’ve been there, I want to go back! And I want to see much more. We want to visit Rome, the Amalfi Coast, Paris, Amsterdam, Munich, etc. etc.



2. Student Loans: We are so close. SO CLOSE, I tell ya. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…going to Valpo wasn’t cheap. But we’re well on our way to being debt free and when that day comes…well…you just wait because we. will. celebrate.


3. New Car: I suppose we can check this one off the list now, but this was a big one. You know, since my two-door Chevy Cavalier probably isn’t too safe for a baby. Or anyone.

This post honestly isn’t supposed to be a Why We Aren’t Having Kids Yet post, it’s most to show how funny growing up really is. I mean, I’ve wanted to be at this age and this stage in life as long as I can remember, so now that we’re here…I want to be able to enjoy it as much as possible! Life…it’s sorta fun.

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2 thoughts on “Life at 26

  1. I agree! Life is fun. And funny sometimes. We had such plans for marriage and kids, waiting a certain number of years and then thinking, “okay, it’s time.” Turns out, it wasn’t really time until over a year later…so much for OUR plans. 🙂 but that’s the funny thing, even though that was really rough, I think now feels even more perfect. In the end, I think you’re right, it’s just about enjoying the phase of life you’re in! 🙂

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