Life Lately

I’ve been so terrible at blogging these last few months so I thought I owed you guys a little life update via my iPhone camera roll. Here we go…

I kicked off ‘El Mundo season’ a few weeks ago with cocktails with some friends. If you ever visit Louisville or if you live here and haven’t been: go immediately and get their margs!


We ventured up to Cincinnati for Easter and celebrated Sara’s little sister’s 21st birthday party the night before. Probably not our wisest decision ever made.


Go Valpo! We were super bummed (Kevin more than me) that Valpo lost the NIT championship game. Maaaaybe next year? (I don’t actually watch basketball sooooo.)


Crescent Hill Craft House! We tried this spot a few weeks ago and we really liked it. Well, I liked it. Kevin wasn’t too keen about his salad but I really loved my burger. Because it was, well, a burger and not a salad. ūüėČ


We shared the mac and cheese side dish and we fought over who got to lick the bowl.


Sara’s birthday was earlier this month and Gracie helped her celebrate by trying to blow out her candle for her.


We have been wanting to replace our bathroom light since the day we bought our house and hooray, we finally did it! Now I have to paint the white strip from where the old fixture was. Let’s see how long it takes to complete¬†that project.


Homemade Veggie Fried Rice. One of my faves. (similar recipe here.)


Sara passed her OT boards so we went out to Havana Rumba to celebrate last week! We also celebrated Danny and Sara’s birthdays, which were both earlier this month.


After Havana Rumba, we ended up at Holy Grale. Naturally. Oh and guess what guys? Boulevard Beer¬†now distributes in Kentucky! Here’s me enjoying a glass of Missouri’s finest.


I spent most of Saturday morning at Home Depot, because that’s just the life of a homeowner. I bought things to replace the light switches in the bathroom and replace the door knocker we have, which currently has the previous owner’s last names on it. Three years in and I’m finally getting around to¬†that project.

We went out on a little date night last weekend to Great Flood Brewing Company and Dundee Gastropub.


At Dundee, I had a deeeelicious buffalo chicken salad and I’ve been thinking of it ever since. Take me baaaack to that weekend!


That’s all for now. You may or may not hear from me until mid-June because HOCKEY PLAYOFFS! GO BLUUUUES!

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