Light It Up

Who is sick of the cold? The answer is: ALL OF THE MIDWEST AND NORTHEAST.

A few weeks ago, we had a day where it was above 32 degrees and we thought WOO SUMMER. (Wait, what?) We headed outside to our front yard to work on a project that we’ve been wanting to tackle since moving in.

Our house came with five different flood lights that at one point, brilliantly lit up the house. The whole system was intense and amazing but unfortunately, was completely broken. We took the lights to Home Depot to get checked out for repairs and bulb replacement, but they ultimately told us we had to replace the whole system.

Ever since we found out that they don’t work, we have noticed our neighbor’s amazing flood lights and the desire to replace ours got bigger and bigger. You see, there’s this one house a few doors down that has a great set up and we’ve been admiring it for some time. We’ve officially become, “those homeowners.”

So on one summer-like day, we decided to dig up the old wires to prepare for new flood lights that we found on super sale the day after Christmas shopping.


This was the mess we were left with. I told you it was an elaborate system!


Our new lights are two simple flood lights that we purchased from Target. They have an “on” feature, as well as an “auto” feature that detects sunlight to automatically turn on at night and off in the mornings. Pretty snazzy, huh?!


Unfortunately, my evening picture taking skills lack tremendously so it’s really hard to show how much brighter it makes our house look, but I promise that it makes a huge difference!



It was a pretty simple project that has a huge benefit of both looks and safety and I’m glad we spent the time to finally do it! Now we can stop being so envious of our neighbors. 😉

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