Lindsey & Jared’s Wedding and St. Louis

Last weekend, Kevo and I headed to St. Louis and Des Moines and enjoyed a few vacation days away from work. We took the long weekend to go to my previous coworker, Lindsey’s wedding and made sure to drive through St. Louis to see my family.


Once we got to Des Moines, we made sure to eat and drink like royalty. Well, maybe not royalty but pretty close. We had dinner at Flying Mango, one of our favorites. We actually first had Flying Mango on our very last night in town before we moved to Louisville and ever since then, I’ve been itching to go back.


That cornbread, though.


After dinner, we went back to our hotel for a bit and got jazzed up to walk to some of our favorite bars. We stayed downtown at the Marriott, which was the perfect location. We were able to walk to/from the bars with no worry. I miss that about Des Moines!

We headed straight to Hessen Haus, one of our favorites! But sadly, we found out you need a minimum of three people to do the boot. Womp womp. So we got ourselves a couple of half liters and enjoyed the nice night out on their patio.


After Hessen Haus, we walked over to El Bait shop, another favorite. And guess what? They had Tank 7!


El Bait Shop and Miller High Life Lounge are polar opposites but so great in their own ways. After a couple beers at El Bait Shop, we walked next door to High Life to get some late-night grub. Turns out, their kitchen closes at 10 p.m. on Friday. WHEN DID THAT HAPPEN?!

Despite no food, we enjoyed our last beer in High Life with shag carpets, wood paneling and all. Love that place.


And then we went back to the hotel and ordered $7 room service fries that were absolutely necessary and to die for. #clutch


We woke up on Saturday and walked over to the farmer’s market (again, another favorite of ours). Gosh I miss it so much!


We split a breakfast bowl and enjoyed people watching. There’s something to be said for Iowans. So courteous, friendly and warm. It really is a special little city and I’m so glad we got to call it home for a year.


After the farmer’s market, we went back to our hotel, went for a jog, got dressed up and ventured up to Ames for Lindsey and Jared’s wedding! I worked with Lindsey at my last job and we instantly clicked. We’re pretty much identical twins and I was so happy that we were able to make it up for their wedding. (Lindsey and Jared got engaged on our wedding day, ironically.)


Their ceremony was beautiful…just like Lindsey in her dress!IMG_7992

And we had a blast at their reception, as usual.


We got up at FIVE in the morning to drive back to St. Louis. We’re crazy. I’m glad we got back early, though, because Kevin got to watch his Bengals game and I didn’t have to listen to him bitch about missing it.

Most of Sunday was spent relaxing with my family, the dogs and eating delicious food.




We capped off the night and weekend with a bonfire and Sunday Night Football. Not a bad way to end the weekend!


Before we headed back to Louisville on Monday, we got together with my grandparents and my great aunt and uncle for breakfast. My Aunt Mary Jane and Uncle Ted were in town from North Carolina and I’m glad we were able to catch them while we were there. I haven’t seen them since our wedding – it was great to catch up!


Once again, we had another great weekend in Des Moines and St. Louis. Can we go back?

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