Lookin’ good

A lot of exciting things have happened this past week! Not only did we take a spontaneous trip to Chicago, but we joined a gym and I made baked potato soup from scratch (success!).

We joined a gym close to our apartment and work. I liked it because it had classes. Kevin liked it because it had TV screens on each treadmill. So, tonight I took my first class. Oh. My. Goodness. I. Cannot. Move. It literally hurts to type. This class was a mixture between cardio and weight lifting. We jogged in place, did super fast movements while pumping some serious iron. I had a hard time opening my car door leaving the gym.

When I work out, I’d like to think I look like this –







Or like this –








But let’s face it. I don’t. I probably look more like something along the  lines of this –











Literally, can’t move my arms. Which is why this is all I’m writing about tonight. More on Chicago and baked potato soup another night.

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2 thoughts on “Lookin’ good

  1. So I know I just told you on Facebook that I was going to be productive, but then I read this blog post instead. We joined a gym too! Bally Total Fitness. Mark runs on the treadmill and watches TV just like Kevin! Haha. Our gym offers lots of cool classes too, but I haven’t gotten a chance to take one yet. I’m thinking of going to one of the Zumba ones. I think that’s supposed to be really fun and a really great workout!

    And I love that you’re using wordpress for your blog! I’ve used it in classes and then in an internship I’ve had. I think I may be inspired enough by your use of it to use it myself! I mean seriously…I got married and moved to California…PROBABLY could find something to talk about.

    • Steph! I love your blog, too! I’m so happy you subscribed to mine, I’ll have to do the same to yours, now! Of course you have plenty to write about, you got married and moved across the country!

      I hear Bally is nice! We don’t have those up here … most of the places are all local. Ours is right down the street, so it’s pretty hard to find an excuse not to go, now. Zumba sounds fun! I think our new gym offers that, so let me know how you like it. I’ll have to try it, too. 🙂

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