Louisville Wins

Two very exciting things in today’s post. First…

Do you know what Louisville has? If you already knew this and didn’t tell me, I’m mad at you.


BLUE. BELL. Blue bell you guys. Blue Bell.

The best ice cream in the whole wide world.

I wrote about my love for Blue Bell here, here and here. And now I’m going to write about it all the time.

I’m going to try not to gain 20 lbs. this week.

It’s going to be bad. But so good.

Well done, Louisville. I was definitely terrified that Kroger wouldn’t be anything compared to Hy-Vee, but Louisville wins with Blue Bell. Sorry ’bout ya, Hy-Vee.

Before we got to Louisville safe and sound (thank you God for keeping us safe on those deer-infested roads!!), Kev and I had a really successful Saturday in St. Louis.

(Here’s the second very exciting thing…)

We booked our photog and we couldn’t be more excited!!!!Β Laura Ann Miller is going to be doing our wedding and we could not be more thrilled to have hired her.Β She has a TON of talent and I can’t wait to work with her on our day. πŸ˜‰ Woo woo!

After meeting with her, Kev and I met with my mom on her mail route to say hi since she couldn’t go to lunch with us. Poor momma has to work on Saturdays! πŸ™

Kev, me and my dad met my grandparents and my aunt at The Pasta House for lunch. Happy early birthday celebration, Kevin!!

It was so good to see my whole family again. I miss them so much!

After lunch Kev and I hit the road and got to Louisville late last night. After carrying all of our crap into our temporary housing apartment, we watched Apollo 13 (I had never seen it before – can you believe that?!) and cheers’ed (totally a word) to our first night in Louisville!

Now…I’ll show pictures of our temporary apartment but I’m only doing this for YOU mom and dad because I know you want to see. Everyone besides my mom and dad: please ignore the mess – we haven’t exactly unpacked yet.

Living room area

Front closet

Living room from standing in the dining room + Kevin watching football

Side note: anyone know how to use a gas fireplace? I didn’t grow up with a fireplace but I cannot wait to turn this baby on! Without burning the place down, of couse. (And no, this one is not as easy as turning a knob, smarty pants.)

Kitchen + a clean Gracie (girlfriend desperately needed a bath)

Biggest bathroom ever

Bathroom again

No bedroom pictures yet. That’s currently where I stashed everything for the purpose of these pictures and we have about seven suitcases wide open with clothes everywhere. πŸ™‚

We gave Gracie a bath this morning after Kroger and went for a nice long walk around our complex to see where our mailboxes are and where the fitness center is (Lord knows I needed to locate that after finding Blue Bell).

We don’t have too many plans for today…just watching football and slowly unpacking before Kevin starts his new job tomorrow and I get busy at the kitchen table with my work. We shall see how it goes! πŸ™‚

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