Love for the Harness

When we got Gracie, she weighed 8 lbs. and was never put on a leash. It actually wasn’t that bad teaching her to walk on a leash, but as she got older, she developed a really bad habit of pulling a lot. At first, it didn’t hurt too much because she didn’t weigh a lot, but now that she is pushing 40 lbs., it really hurts when she pulls. I saw that Julie’s dog, Sadie, wears a harness, so last time Kev and I were at PetSmart, we picked one up.

The verdict?


There was absolutely NO pulling because as soon as she started to run towards a squirrel or some other random thing, her body turned. I’m telling you – if you have a dog who pulls, a harness is the way to go.

It was so great that I took Grace on TWO walks today because it was a pleasure walking her for a change!

Miss Grace also got two walks because today is her SIX MONTH BIRTHDAY! Happy Birthday, Gracie Girl!

It’s so weird to think she was this tiny little thing just six months ago… 🙁


You know how I rocked dinner Monday night with those Spicy Chicken Panini sandwiches? Yeah, tonight, not so much. I pinned these Buffalo Chicken Rolls from Andi’s blog and have been wanting to try them forever. With extra chicken leftover from Monday, I figured tonight would be perfect to pop a few of these babies in the oven.

I followed her directions step-by-step, but for some reason, they just didn’t turn out. Okay, I suppose there were a few places I went wrong:

1. I bought won-ton wrappers, not egg roll wrappers. I don’t even know if there is a difference, but the ones I bought were VERY small.

2. I overstuffed. Oops.

3. I did a little better next time.

Oh well, I tried!

Off to go snack my way through the evening since dinner wasn’t too spectacular.

Have a great night, all!


Oh, I just love raving about how good of a pup Gracie is, when I look over and she is CHEWING ON MY KEVIN’S IPHONE CHARGER. He worked a bit late tonight, so he doesn’t know yet. He is going to be verrrry angry. Anyone know how much they cost to replace, because I’m going to need to do that stat.

In her defense, this is the first thing she has actually chewed and ruined. We have been pretty good about stopping her when she gets ahold of something she isn’t supposed to, but I was too distracted writing tonight. GRRRR!!


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  1. Check ebay they always have stuff on the cheap just make sure that the origin of shipping address is within the U.S. because more than likely its not a fake.

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