Make it Worth the Money

Whew this week went by so slow! Anybody else? Anybody? It’s probably just me because I’m literally counting down the days, hours and minutes until we leave for DESTIN (in case you’re wondering, it’s 7 days and 20 minutes.) 🙂


Sandy white beaches, beautiful blue and green ocean and cool breezes under the warm sun.


Today wasn’t my finest day. I’m not sure if it’s because today is Friday, the 13th or what, but I did not feel like today was on my side. It all started when I checked my bank statement this morning, just to make sure my paycheck was deposited and my student loan payment went through. Paycheck was there, but my student loan payment was nowhere to be found! I’m enrolled in their automatic pay system, so I knew it was paid. When I logged in, the website told me that my loan was either paid in full (definitely not the case), or I defaulted. Naturally, I freaked out and called the student loan customer service. The kind man on the phone told me that some loans were transferred to another service provider because they have so many loans (did you know that student loans have now topped $1 trillion in debt?) that they have to oursource some of their loans. That’s fine, but did you not think to tell your customers?

“Well, ma’am, your loan was just transferred yesterday.”


Then, I went to re-enroll in my automatic pay and I got this.

So you’re 100 percent incompetent, not just 90 percent. Thank you, department of education (I’m so mad at you, you don’t even deserve proper capitalization).

Enough discussion about student loans. I swear dealing with them is going to shave five years off my life…they are a PAIN IN THE REAR. I am picturing everyone out there nodding their heads in agreement.

Since my day was eh, I made sure to stop by Starbucks on my way home from work to try their new Refreshers line (fo free!). I got the very berry hibiscus and I thought it was delicious.

I got a cakepop to go with my free treat!

And then I got another because I was crabby from dealing with the government all morning.

They were a tasty treat when I got home!

Who am I kidding.

They were gone before hitting the third stoplight.

So I have a question for all of you guys. Do you complain when service or a product isn’t what you expect?

For instance, a few weeks ago, Delta changed my flight schedule for Katie’s bachelorette party completely (by more than a few hours), and I tried to work with them but they weren’t very helpful. In that situation, do I raise a stink and ask for a refund, discount, voucher, etc.? I didn’t, and I think a lot of that has to do with what I do on a day-to-day basis (I help manage a Twitter account for a client and we see complaints come through), but do I have the right to ask for it to be fixed? Honestly, the only reason I booked with Delta is because the times worked out the best.

Kinda defeats the point, huh?

Another example is dinner last night! We went to Buffalo Wild Wings with Jess and Chris after our softball game and I was so excited to eat bonesless wings, but they were so gross! It looked and tasted like they just sat in the warmer forever and when I ordered the wings, they slathered on some hot sauce. Not to mention they brought mine and Jess’ salad out as the same time as our food (which I think is annoying). We didn’t say anything, even when the manager came by to see how our meal was, but now I think we should have.

So what do you guys do? Do you complain when you don’t get what you expect from a service or product? I think I need to start being better about doing that, because I want spending my money to be worth it!

Kevin is off this weekend (wahoo!) so we are having a party tonight.

Just kidding, this is what we’re really doing while watching the Cards/Reds game.


Our apartment feels so gross and with me being sick last weekend, I just want to clean everything! Kevin ignores me loves when I get in these moods.

Don’t worry, cleaning is about done already and we’re really going to eat dinner in, sit on our patio and maybe go over to the pool while I finish some work. 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Make it Worth the Money

  1. I think I’m going to go back and read your old posts, they are so entertaining! And I its nice to know how you are doing. Anywho to answer your question it depends on what the service is if I say something. Last week a Fedex truck went down my street and ripped the wire off my house so no cable or internet. Charter sent someone out a couple hours later but as I had to go to work no one was home so they didn’t fix it even though it was an outside problem because the first person I talked to didn’t put it in the system right. So you bet I had them credit my account. Now if I’m at a restaurant it depends if it’s worth it, if I’m getting ‘my moneys worth’. I’ve gone to a certain Steak n Shake 3 times and never saw the waiter/waitress after receiving my food. I never complained but they sure received a sucky tip. I probably would have said something at Buffalo Wild Wings because you couldn’t/wouldn’t eat so you didn’t get your moneys worth! There’s my 2 cents!

  2. Hey Gabby,

    Having been on both sides of customer service, I do think you should make companies aware when something goes wrong. You probably are well aware from your job what makes a good and bad complaint, and I wouldn’t expect you to be the irate or unreasonable type of complainer. But when you book a flight specifically so that you can get to an event, or pay good money for a meal, you should be able to express your concerns about the service in a polite manner and get a constructive response. I guess I’m also getting used to working in Quality Assurance for a software company, where I am EXPECTED to write up the problems that I see so that they can be fixed. But really, if the company doesn’t know where the problems are, how are they supposed to fix them? So I’m a big proponent of lodging warranted complaints, as long as you are polite about it.

    Thanks for keeping up this blog – I really enjoy reading your posts and finding recipe ideas!


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