May so far

Oh my goodness I’ve got to be the World’s Worst Blogger. I haven’t written in more than a month! Granted, I also haven’t had a busier month since I can remember, but still! There’s so much to write about now so I best get to it.

Amy Schumer

Amy came to Lexington at the end of April so we made the trek across the state to watch her stand-up. [#worthit] She’s SO funny. We were crying we were all laughing so hard! Totally inappropriate and crude, but I’m telling you, she’s the best.


I also feel the need to tell you guys about the Fajita Salad dish at Cheapside Bar & Grill. We tried to go to HopCat in Lex before the show, but it was packed…as well as every other restaurant that night, so we end up at Cheapside and oh-man, the salad was the best. Specifically, that green goddess dressing that came with it. Go there. Get the Fajita Salad. Thank me later.



Derby week here in Louisville is INsane. It was our first Derby season of actually attending and it was my first Derby with my job, who celebrates better than anyone else.

My Derby week started the Tuesday before bright and early in the morning. My friend Lori and I got passes, courtesy of our other friend Jen, to go to the backside and watch the early-morning practices. It was such a cool experience!


It was so beautiful to see the sun rise behind the twin spires.


The morning, though early, definitely had us in the mood for Derby season!

On Wednesday, our agency took our clients to the track for a ‘Day at the Downs.’ We had a suite in the winner’s circle area, and sitting there was a total once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Let me just show you why.

First of all, here’s our view.


And here is our view of the twin spires from the front of our suites. Like I said, amazing!


It rained at the beginning of our day, but the weather really cleared up and it ended up being a beautiful afternoon for sippin’ bourbon, bettin’ on horses and spending time with coworkers and clients!






After the track, a few of the people from my company boarded the Belle of Louisville for the Great Steamboat Race. My client, Four Roses Bourbon, is the sponsor of that event and hosts a bourbon barrel competition on board. So basically, we tasted bourbon and picked the best tasting one. Reeeeal tough.


But it wasn’t all fun… I worked, see? 😉


We capped off the night at Sidebar with zucchini fries and IPAs. ‘Twas a great Wednesday before Derby!


Thursday and Friday, our friends and family started to arrive for Derby weekend… but that should be saved for its own blog post.

Happy to be back!


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