Meeting My Favorite Musician…Ever


I’m not really sure what to say or how to express it, but I (finally), after listening to him for more than 13 years, met the man behind my absolute favorite music in the entire world.

IMG_3531 I mean. Wow.

Kevin and I went to St. Louis last week for the Andrew McMahon (previously known as Something Corporate and Jack’s Mannequin) concert with my litte brother. I’ve expressed it before, but AM is my all time favorite.

We got to The Pageant (favorite concert venue in STL) about 45 minutes before doors opened and it paid off. We were standing in the second row. I am not kidding. See? Second. Row.



(I am not zooming in any of my pictures. This is really how close we were.)

Allen Stone (who opened for AM when we saw him in January 2012) opened again. As always, he was entertaining and enthusiastic.

IMG_3530 Andrew set up his own set and even though they had some trouble with their equipment because apparently their equipment truck got into an accident the night before, he put on an amazing show.

I specifically picked this spot because I knew from past concerts about where he usually set up his piano. Creepy? Sure. Smart fan? Absolutely.

Again, not zooming in.

IMG_3529AM played for less than an hour and only played one song from his new album, but it was great nonetheless.

IMG_3528IMG_3526 (Not. zooming. in. I’m. really. this. close.)

IMG_3527 O.A.R. came on right after and MAN, if I were a die-hard O.A.R. fan, that night would have been the best night of my life. They played for nearly three hours. Every time I thought it was the last song, there were five more. I like O.A.R. a lot, but they’re not my absolute favorite or anything.

IMG_3524 Jerry, their sax dude, is amazing. Amazing.

IMG_3523 IMG_3521After the concert, we were walking out to our car and I noticed a bright yellow shirt and remembered that’s what Andrew McMahon was wearing so I asked Brendan and Kevin if they’d mind if we went over and tried to say hello.

We walked over there and saw a lot of people lining up to see O.A.R., and I noticed only a few people going up to talk to Andrew. We waited for a few minutes and Andrew walked right up to us and introduced himself. I mean, it was just crazy.

He was the nicest person ever. He shook our hands, thanked us probably 15 times for coming out to the show and listening to his music. Brendan asked to see his tattoos and he graciously showed us. He said he was disappointed he couldn’t play all of his new music at the concert because of their missing equipment, but he thanked us over and over again for listening to the new stuff and coming out regardless.

I stood there like an idiot. I have no clue what I said. I remember at one point I asked him how to pronounce the name of his new song, “Synesthesia” and I think I mumbled something about seeing him 10 years ago with 311 and O.A.R. and being a fan for more than a decade. With an incredibly shaky voice I asked him for a picture and he oh-so happily posed. I’m telling you, so incredibly nice and thankful and aware of his fans.


Afterwards Kevin and Brendan said they’d never seen me act so weird, awkward or speechless. I hardly ever get nervous, but I was SO nervous. I mean he’s been my favorite musician and artist for as long as I can remember and it was such an honor to meet him finally.

What a cool moment that I’ll surely never forget.

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2 thoughts on “Meeting My Favorite Musician…Ever

  1. YAY!! I should have told you that I learned he’ll sign and take photos after all his shows by the stage door! He waits to greet every person who is standing out afterwards. (sometimes before too) Next time take your album jackets, he’ll sign them and usually has his own sharpie!

    Congrats again!

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